Whether you're starting a new qualification or a new job, you're taking decisions that determine your future.   It is important that you make the right decisions as these will stay with you for some time to come. And therefore it is important that you have at your disposal all the expertise, experience, connections and information to facilitate this process for you.   When you study at PBS, you get multiple benefits   

  • Exceptional technical skills

  • Deep industry knowledge

  • Personalised attention and services

  • Quality tuition

  • PER training

  • Rewards for high marks

  • Interact with industry captains

PBS provides high quality tuition at affordable prices using quality current study material. We facilitate formation and transformation. Our mission is a reflection of the common issues that face students who want to progress with the qualifications to arrive at their destiny. At PBS failure is not an option, our success is strictly shown by the success of our students. PBS' services and level of involvement are tailored to suit every student from various backgrounds. Our lecturers make every student feel at home as they make sure that all the students are treated the same. Formed by a team of ACCA members that has deep and broad expertise and understanding of the qualification, PBS has a credible track record as a tuition provider, having produced the highest marks in every exam sitting. PBS' engagements have resulted in significant benefits to its students including service delivery. PBS sees no boundaries to its success and wishes to include you in this flourishing voyage


Premier Business School is an institution formed by finance professionals to offer professional tuition to students studying towards ACCA or ICAEW as well as Master’s programmes. It is the first tuition provider in Zimbabwe to be accredited as an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Provider- Student tuition. We treat each course as a unique course, thus ensuring that each course receives the best combination of our engagement. We put our minds over the challenges – no matter the size and magnitude of the problem.

The only standardized item in our tuition provision is the approach, which is the approach used by international tuition providers globally. We are seasoned tuition providers whose focus is provision of practical solutions and sustainable value for money to our students.

We are conscious that our presence in the students’ site could create a lasting positive or negative effect to the business depending on how we engage with the business. Our goal is a positive outcome for the business and the students. “We help organizations build competence and capabilities through and with their own people”.


  • We offer quality and affordable tuition. We will not engage a tutor unless we are satisfied with their qualifications and delivery of tuition at the expected level.

  • We use current and quality material to enable our students to pass.

  • We will ensure business continuity by reducing dependency on a few tutors

  • Our customer satisfaction index will always be greater than the target

  • Our attitude will be zero tolerance towards non service delivery within the value chain

  • We will always demand service excellence



  • To become the biggest business school across Africa.

  • Our goal is to ensure that our customers become leaders in their respective industries.

  • Growth - Ensure long-term sustainable growth in shareholder value and increase market share.

  • Technology - Remain in the forefront of technology and information in our markets.

  • Customers - Guarantee customer satisfaction through value for money quality of service.

  • People - Increase productivity and develop opportunities through improved training, development, communication and empowerment, representative of all African people. Our people are informed, involved and encouraged to speak their minds





We don't only provide total ACCA exam success. Our approach focuses on offering everything you need to succeed in both your ACCA tuition and your career as a qualified professional. We measure our success strictly by that of our students. 

Unique Learning Environment

Our lecturers are exceptional lecturers, experts in their subject areas. They encourage students to develop critical and analytical abilities as well as subject knowledge. They impart knowledge not only relevant for gaining a pass but also prepare you for the industry.


At PBS we firmly believe students have the right to an affordable education. We have very competitive fees while maintaining the highest standards of academic quality. With different start dates throughout the year, the next start date is never far away and this allows ours students to plan well for their exams.


Our timetable is very flexible. You can choose to either do weekend, Midweek evening or day classes.